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Why do most people who sign up for a gym membership stop attending after a few weeks?

Why do 90% of organisations fail to execute their strategy?

The problem is not in knowing that reducing their weight is something that they want to achieve, but in having the discipline to do what they planned to, on an ongoing basis.
The key to meeting this challenge relies on their execution capabilities. Certain tools and processes can be of help to improve the ability to make their plans a reality.

At Strat.exe we are convinced that the true challenge of today’s organisations lies more in the Execution than in the Definition of their strategies. Organisations usually struggle more when it comes to executing their plans, than when it comes to developing their strategy. A lack of internal discipline, capabilities, skills and processes for execution often explains this difficulty.

That is why we not only help our clients to define their strategy, but we implement tools and capabilities in the organisation to translate that strategy into operational terms, to cascade it and create the alignment, and to manage the strategy on a daily basis.




Balanced Scorecard, BSC

Could Messi alone win the Spanish Liga?

Messi is to FC Barcelona what Balanced Scorecard is to Strategy Execution.

No doubt one of the most famous players of FC Barcelona is Messi. No doubt he could help the team to win the Champions League this year. But some others players, like Piqué, Iniesta, Neymar or Suarez are equally important!

Could a Balanced Scorecard alone help you to successfully execute your strategy?
No doubt one of the most relevant and famous tools for that purpose is the Balanced Scorecard, but some others, like Strategy Map, Office of Strategy Management, Personal Scorecards, Strategy Communication Plans or Strategy Review Meetings are equally important.

Therefore the challenge is not about implementing a Balanced Scorecard, the challenge is about generating the internal set of tools and processes to be better at executing the strategy.

At Strat.exe we have relevant experience in implementing the Strategy Execution Model in many private and public organisations, and across different industries and cultures. In most of these experiences we have implemented the Balanced Scorecard, as one of the main tools.

At Strat.exe we are experts in Strategy Execution and one of our strongest skills is building Balanced Scorecards.





Have you ever planned to do a road trip around the world?
You should develop and align all the Google Earth levels, from “space view” to “street view”, in order to help you to achieve your destination.
When you start using it, the zoom out is so big that you can see the overall globe. This “space view” is good to set the final destination of your trip!
When you zoom in, you both increase the level of detail and lose the long distance view. On one level down, you see the countries you are going to cross. If you still zooming in you will see the mountains, the rivers, the deserts that you may expect to encounter along your way. One level down and you see the roads that you are going to take with your car. When you achieve the ground level, the “street view”, you see the curves, the stops, the dangers, … along the route.
At Strat.exe we believe that the best way to help an organisation to execute its strategy is to help them to develop their own “Strategy lift”, using both “macroscope” and “microscope” tools.

A complex strategic exercise for the Executive Committee consists in traveling into this lift, zooming in and out to set the long-term company targets and to simultaneously ensure the day-to-day implementation of this strategy.

Developing the set of lenses. You cannot manage your strategy with only two levels of granularity, the super-macro vision, and the super-micro vision. You have to develop a subtle range of views:
1. Define your strategic vision and mission,
2. Define your strategic aspiration (3 to 5 year main organisational target)
3. Define your strategic themes (main strategic pillars)
4. Define your strategic objectives (structured in a one-pager strategy map),
5. Select your few relevant measures and targets (known as “balanced scorecard”),
6. Identify and prioritise your strategic action-plan (strategic initiatives),
7. Cascade your Strategy Map to the different Business units, departments, regions, …
8. Define the key people personal scorecard, …)
… in order to be able to correctly “land” your strategy, step by step.

Aligning all those levels. The alignment of those tools is as important as developing them. It ensures the coherency of management, communication and commitment around the strategy defined.
At Strat.exe we help organisations to develop, align and use their Google Earth tool, assisting the ExCo to improve this process and helping the organisation to achieve its strategic road trip destination.




Stratexe definition

There is no “Strategy Execution” without high involvement of “Strategy Executioners”.
There is no high involvement of “Strategy Executioners” without their participation from the “Strategy Definition” phase.

At Strat.exe consulting we don’t work inside a “black box” and come with the “right strategy”.
We are convinced that the people that work in the organisation are the ones that best understand the organisation, the ones that best know the industry and therefore are the ones that will best define and execute their strategy.

That is why at Strat.exe we act as facilitators and we involve key stakeholders, top executives and second level management in the strategy definition process. To do this we elaborate on the organisation’s Strategic Objectives with them and select with them the Strategic Initiatives that they are going to implement!
Because independently of what kind of strategic plan you want to define, the key to its implementation will always be the same: the ability of the organisation to implement the portfolio of strategic and transformational initiatives they have defined. In most instances, the top executives and the second level management are highly involved in the execution of these initiatives, so they need to understand, commit and buy-in these projects as soon as possible.





Without Strategy Definition, Strategy Execution is aimless.
Without Strategy Execution, Strategy Definition is useless.

The left side of your brain is crucial to rationally define your strategy. You typically use this side during the Strategy Definition process.
At the end of the day, if you excel in this exercise, you will have a great document, with an exhaustive analysis and a powerful vision, mission and strategic objectives. But it will be a useless piece of paper if you are not able to convert it into reality!
You define the right strategy but don’t execute it properly.

The right side of your brain is crucial to execute your strategy, using your emotional intelligence in order to drive your company into the storm and take the right decision at the right moment.
But if you perfectly execute and make real the wrong strategy, the execution will be aimless.
You execute correctly the wrong strategy.

At Strat.exe we constantly try to use the correct balance between left and right sides of the brain, in order to do the right things right.
We help you to correctly execute the right strategy, by defining a breakthrough approach and by ensuring its correct monitoring and implementation.